How to sell

Call Realtor for Evaluation

This is where you want to select and/or interview an agent to come out to your home to get a visual and gather details about your home.  The realtor can also make recommendations and give you advice on how to sell for the most amount of money in the shortest time. The realtor will gather comparable homes that are similar to yours that have sold in the last 90-180 days. This is how they determine your list price.

Contract, Price & Plan of Action

Your realtor will now review the comparable properties and discuss their professional opinion of what your home should sell for.  List price doesn't mean what you owe on your home or what you think your home is worth. List price should be configured on facts, data and research.  Once list price is determined and agreed upon then you and your realtor will have some documentation to complete and sign.  Then the next step is to take pictures of the home and prepare a marketing plan to get it SOLD! 

Close the deal

Get the sign in the yard, the lockbox on the door, the information and pictures on the internet for all the realtors to show show their buyers and keep the home show ready at all times. Be sure to try to allow all showing requests as much as possible.  This will insure getting a buyer to fall in love with your house as quickly as possible.  Once the buyer places an offer on your home, you and your realtor will work together to move you thru the remaining steps until you close on your home and move!